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Borrelli Gourmet Foods

The Italian Tradition Since 1952

In 1952 Luigi Borrelli opened a grocery store in Windsor, Ontario Canada, and laid the foundation for what is currently a family owned and operated food distribution business; focusing on the importing and exporting of quality food items. With his sons Max and Louie Borrelli at his side, the business grew and began importing wine grapes from California. Wine makers from all around, including Detroit, would visit Luigi and his boys for the best wine grapes available. This popularity and reputation grew throughout Windsor and Detroit, and proved to be a firm market in which to grow.

In 1997 the two brothers, running the company at this time, decided to import fried pasta snacks into the U.S. (Detroit) market and found an overwhelming interest in these Italian treats. From there they expanded their line to include a variety of canned tomatoes from a nearby Canadian company in Leamington. Their first sale was to a grocery store in Clinton Township with whom they still deal with today. The business grew from there as Max and Louie used their combined experience and knowledge from their father to expand their line and market area.

They soon started to import specialty food items like Olive Oils and Artichokes from countries such as Italy and Spain and distribute them to Windsor and parts of the US. Today the Borrelli line consists of more than 100 products sold to twelve states in the U.S. (as of August 2010) and they are continuing to grow, providing grocery stores and families with the “True Italian Taste.”


Borrelli Gourmet Foods originally provided Canada with specialty food products. Our venture into the United States of America began nearly 18 years ago to the Michigan area.

We are currently available in 10 states and are expanding everyday.

You can view our coverage map below to see whether our products are available in your area. For specific locations, store information, or requests, feel free to email us by clicking here or call us at 519-977-6058 and a representative will be happy to answer your questions.

Available American Locations

Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Northern Indiana & Indianapolis, Western Pennsylvania, Western West Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Available Canadian Locations

Toronto, Windsor, Amherstburg, Thunder Bay, Kitchener, other nearby areas

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